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Welcome to The Hideout

Dutch & Flemish

The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch is an all-inclusive upscale working cattle, riding, fly-fishing and adventure guest ranch in Shell, WY (east of Cody and Yellowstone National Park). In addition to riding, working cattle and fly-fishing, we offer an array of non-riding activities and adventures such as trapshooting, archery, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, biking, 4x4 tours, etc.

Limited to approximately 25 guests per week from all over the world and with access to 95 horses, a one to one staff to guest ratio, and the owners and management actively involved with the well-being of our guests, we are committed to the highest standards of culinary experience, lodging, staff (we speak 4 languages), horses, and personal, almost customized attention. We are very multi-cultural and diverse.

Every year The Hideout books full well in advance of the season, mostly because of word of mouth and returning guests. As we do not plan to increase the number of guests that we host each week, please book your vacation well ahead of the season.

Employment Opportunities

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Working & Job Opportunities at The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch



The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch is a unique place to work. Our management and staff is a mix of well-traveled Europeans, Americans from different states, Wyoming ranchers and cowboys, Latin Americans, students and experienced horsemen and women of different backgrounds. Our guests come from around the world and different walks of life.

We embrace diversity as an asset, authenticity, honesty, great work ethic, going the extra length, creativity, discipline, hard work, a passion for the outdoors, horses, ranching and working hard as a team to offer our guests the best Western equestrian experience possible.

The 3 C’s

The core of our culture is what we call The 3 C’s of Character, Conduct and Competence. We can train someone for Competence, but the other two C’s (Character and Conduct) are inherent and tell a lot about a person based on how they behave and present themselves in all situations. Although we work hard, we also have a lot of fun. Our goal is to be the best. To help us achieve that goal, we try to pick the best staff possible and take care of them to best of our abilities. Being part of our team will enrich your life experiences and create memories for both you and the guests we serve.

Along with living on a spectacular riding, working cattle and adventure ranch with access to approx. 650,000 acres for recreational use, your duties will be both challenging and rewarding.

Our riding and horse training programs are managed by Authentic Horsemanship, for more on our concept visit  and


When you are hired at The Hideout it is because your priorities are:

1) to work hard;

2) to make it the most exciting, safe and best learning experience for our guests and enjoy giving, sharing and teaching;

3) to learn as much as possible in a professional and honest environment;

4) to have fun while doing the first 3 and always be positive with a “can do” attitude.

If you are looking for a seasonal job with the main focus being yourself and having fun you should probably look for another place to work.

To Apply:

Each season, we typically begin the hiring process in January with the majority of our staff hired by the end of February/early March. If you feel you meet the criteria, please email your resume and a cover letter with your best contact details, age, and the reason you would like to apply for a job at The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch. Also include a recent photo and riding video (if applying for a wrangler position) to


Although many of our wranglers return for multiple seasons, The Hideout hires new wranglers each season.

We are looking for:

Riding Instructors / Wranglers

In addition to the qualifications mentioned below, we are looking for wranglers qualified and sufficiently experienced in giving different levels of riding lessons (preferably schooled in both English and Western styles of riding). Knowledge of multiple languages is a plus.

Mature Wranglers with Ranching/Cattle work experience

These individuals have seniority and feel comfortable taking guests out to do the ranch cattle work. Candidates will preferably have a ranching background or have good experience handling livestock and moving cattle in a low-stress method. Experience is needed to rope cows and calves in a safe manner. You need to have working cattle ranch experience and a horse and riding culture that embraces soft hands and respect for horses and livestock. Slow is fast and fast is slow.

Guest Wranglers with solid equestrian background

These candidates have experience riding out with guests and handling guests in a fun and respectful way. Excellent horsemanship and riding skills are required. Candidates will preferably be schooled in both Western and English styles of riding. We ask that all applicants be well mannered, polite and authentic.

General Requirements for the Wrangler Positions

We require that our wranglers have excellent horsemanship abilities and advanced riding skills, proven guest service skills and the desire to work long hard days in a hands-on learning environment.


Must be safety conscious, have the ability to instruct guests and have strong communication in riding instruction and safety orientation. Responsible for conducting safe trail rides or cattle work for groups of 4-6. Feed and help to take care of our herd of 80+ horses. Wrangle the horse herd on your allocated days.

Help maintain and repair tack. Clean barn and arena area daily, clean truck and trailers weekly, clean the barn weekly, and other duties as necessary. Wranglers may be asked to host some meals with the guests and must have appropriate table manners. Wranglers may be required to lead other activities including, cattle work, trap-shooting, canoeing, kayaking and guided tours. Wranglers are responsible for the care and safety of our horses under the supervision and direction of our head wrangler. This includes but is not limited to: wrangling, feeding, doctoring, saddling horses, both your own and guests’ and cleaning pens. Assisting with other activities where needed.

All of the routine barn chores go along with this position like assisting with general ranch work during slow periods or on an as-needed basis is to be expected. This may include fixing fences, trail clearing/maintenance, etc. Wranglers need to work in a team environment, be able to think for themselves and handle emergency situations. Walking by work or leaving work for co-workers is not acceptable.

Wranglers must be 21 years of age

Wrangler must be an advanced rider
Wrangler must be able to drive truck and 20 foot stock-trailer carrying 7 horses (additional training is provided to all wrangler staff)
Wrangler must have current First Aid and CPR certificate
Wrangler must attend our Wrangler safety program
Wrangler must feel comfortable taking 6 beginners riding
Wrangler will be involved in cattle work/drives
Wrangler will receive 1 day off per week where able
Wranglers must wear appropriate western attire
DRA Certification is a plus
Additional language skills, photography experience, musical talent, outdoors experience, training are welcome.

Job Descriptions:

Along with your resume, cover letter, and recent picture(s), please be prepared to provide us with a 3 minute video of your horsemanship skills and riding abilities.

We would like to see you

Catching your horse out of a pen or pasture preferably with other horses present
Halter, brush, saddle and bridle the horse
Ride your horse at a walk, sitting and posting trot and canter.
Show a lead change
Additional demonstrations of training, reining, cattle work, jumping, dressage, etc. are a plus to show your horsemanship.

Duration of Seasonal Positions

Some of the above positions will start as early as March/April through October (or the beginning of November). Other positions begin in May through September, and given we operate a longer season than most guest ranches we also have available positions starting in August through November.

Please send your cover letter, resume and riding video to


Office Assistant

Office Assistants are required to have great people skills, you will be dealing with guests/staff and any questions or problems they may have. Polite telephone manners and genuine friendly demeanor are important. All routine office jobs go along with this position including but not limited to: answering phones, booking guests reservations, receptionist services for guests, helping guests in the lodge store, responding to emails, assisting the Office Manager with projects, sending out information packages, check-in/check-out with guests, assisting organization for guests/staff/events. Assisting with housekeeping work or kitchen work during slow periods or on an as-needed basis may be required. Staff need to work in a team environment, be able to think for themselves and handle emergency situations.


Previous office experience is required
Strong organizational skills
Strong interpersonal skills
Customer service skills
Good Computer skills (experience in Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook required. Will provide training on reservation software)
Office Assistant will receive at least 1 day off per week where able
Office Assistant must wear appropriate attire (professional or western)
Additional language skills, sales or advertising background, musical talent, training are welcome.

Wait Staff / Server

This position requires a friendly demeanor and a guest service attitude. The position involves serving in the dining room service, dishwashing and kitchen preparation. Responsibilities will include but not be limited to serving food and wine to adults and children, receiving guest food orders for breakfast; setting the dining room; keeping the loft bar stocked and organized, clearing tables, assisting the chef; BBQ set-up and breakdown; dishwashing; cleaning dining room; and helping the house keeping staff if needed.

Things to know before you apply (all positions):

Age and Housing:

Applicants must be at least 20 years of age and willing to live on the ranch. For insurance reasons, wrangler applicants much be at least 21 years old. Housing is provided as part of our seasonal employment package. We will try to provide each staff member with their own bedroom, but it may be necessary to share with a same-sex staff-member and also to share a house with mixed roommates. No pets are allowed inside, and any request to bring pets is to be discussed prior to arrival.


All wranglers are expected to wear appropriate Western attire; you are the face of the Old West. All wranglers must wear long-sleeved Western shirts (no tank tops) Western jeans (no holes or midriff showing), Western hat, boots, chaps or chinks. No visible tattoos or facial piercings.

Kitchen staff will be provided some articles of clothing for serving in the dining room and may be required to purchase others. Kitchen staff are required to wear black non-slip soled shoes and black trousers while working.


You are in the guest business and the entire purpose of your job is to make sure the guests have a fantastic time with positive lasting memories. We look for people who are willing to work hard; who operate equally well when working alone or as part of a team; who are honest, friendly, and enthusiastic and have a good sense of humor; who enjoy interacting with guests, and who get a great sense of satisfaction from providing excellent service to our guests. Guests are always watching, so your conduct should reflect ‘the brand’. Please see ‘The Code of the West’ for the types of things we expect. No smoking or chewing tobacco is allowed on the premises or around livestock. No drug use at all is allowed, and employees are subject to random drug test on request by employers. No Alcohol is to be consumed before or during work days.

Employment Dates:

We are looking for seasonal employees who are available from as early as March/April to the end of October/beginning of November. Please note, management never offers an employee full year-round employment. Management offers seasonal work and then after the season they will evaluate how you fit with the team, how you worked, and if there is specific work for you over the winter.

Hours and Payment:

Employees receive a monthly paycheck with the rate being established when a job offer is made based on your experience, background and seniority. Everyone works at least 6 days a week and all positions are over 40 hours per week.

Contact & Life at the Ranch:

Staff are required to have a private vehicle available for town trips on their day off. The closest town for groceries is 15 miles, and company vehicles are not available. Cell phones do not work at the ranch – we are in a dead zone. High speed wireless Internet is available for staff that bring their laptops, ipads, phones, etc.

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Hideout is an “equal opportunity employer.” The Hideout will not discriminate and will take “affirmative action” measures to ensure against discrimination in employment, compensation, termination, upgrading, promotions, and other conditions of employment against any employee or job applicant on the bases of race, creed, color, national origin, or sex.

Code of The West

The Hideout was one of the first organizations in Wyoming to embrace The Code of The West as you can read elsewhere in our website. Like the 3 C’s, we take our Wyoming Code serious and expect everybody to live up to what is written in The Code of The West.