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Welcome to The Hideout

The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch is an all-inclusive upscale working cattle, riding, fly-fishing and adventure guest ranch in Shell, WY (east of Cody and Yellowstone National Park). In addition to riding, working cattle and fly-fishing, we offer an array of non-riding activities and adventures such as trapshooting, archery, canoeing, hiking, biking, 4x4 tours, etc.

Limited to approximately 25 guests per week from all over the world and with access to 85 horses, a 1:1 staff / guest ratio and the owners and management actively involved with the well-being of our guests, we are committed to the highest standards of culinary experience, lodging, staff (we speak 4 languages), horses and personal, almost customized attention. We are very multi-cultural and diverse.

Every year The Hideout books long before the start of the season, mostly because of word of mouth and returning guests. As we do not plan to increase the number of guests per week please book your vacation long ahead of the season.

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tripadvisorThis was our most memorable trip to the Hideout. The service is impeccable and the level of “customer appreciation” is evident from the entire staff of the Hideout. We feel they are our extended family and enjoy our time here on every trip.The Hideout “ROCKS”! David and Paula extend their gracious hospitality and the wranglers go “above and beyond” every day for you. This is the vacation of a lifetime for any family.
David & Paula & Staff, We just received our CD with our pictures and absolutely love them. Our trip to the ranch is always our favorite. You make us feel like we are extended family which means so much to us. Thank you for all your hospitality and making our vacation wonderful. We will be in touch.

“This place is amazing! A five star working dude ranch.”
January, 2015

Beautiful lodge and rooms, the people are wonderful in making sure all your needs are met. I’m highly impressed and will recommend this place to all photographers I know. The wranglers work so very hard to get the pictures of the horses running in the snow, the cowboys in the right position, or whatever you possibly would like to photograph. They do consider the horses and how tired they are (which made me very happy). The chef is amazing. Be prepared to walk off the wonderful food. This ranch is the best I’ve ever seen. Everyone from Rebecca in the office to Marin and Peter (the owners), along with the wranglers will do everything to make your experience a wonderful one. The rooms are so nice and comfortable. There is a sitting area as well as a nice bed. The rooms are cleaned regularly. I look forward to coming back to see the beautiful scenery in the fall.

“Unforgettable experience”
November, 2014

For all of you looking for the perfect combination of spectacular nature and landscapes, top quality horses and wranglers, a large variety of activities (on or off a horse, tailor-made), great accommodations and food, excellent staff that pampers you in all best possible way, and all this bathed in high level quality, there is only one place to go: the Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch. Having traveled al lot, to many destinations, our stay at the Hideout was without any doubt one the highlights that we will cherish forever. We will go back!

“Spectacular trip”
November, 2014

Just wanted to let anyone looking to go on an Outstanding vacation, the Hideout is the place! The scenery is very diverse and all of it is beautiful. I loved the small group because you really get to know everyone. The food was delicious, every day… Even the sandwiches for the all-day rides. The cabins were great, all with great views. And can’t say enough about how kind and accommodating the staff was. From the wranglers to office staff to kitchen staff to owners, all were exceptional! And don’t forget to go fly fishing with Matt. Learned a lot and had a blast.Thanks Hideout for a Wonderful experience

October, 2014

Where do I start? The property – staff – fellow travelers – accommodations – food – horses – riding – scenery. Everything combined to make a wonderful trip ! Would highly recommend ! Thank you to all for an amazing adventure !!!

“Life Changing”
September, 2014

When I first began my research for a mother/son trip, I knew that I wanted some sort of horseback riding to be the main focus. As urban dwellers I am always a bit wary of the “middle of nowhere” and usually much more comfortable with an abundance of people and structure. So I had narrowed our vacation destinations to a riding centered trip in Spain, or the American West and gave the ultimate decision on that to my son. To my surprise (he’s been to Europe many times, so I thought that would be where his heart would lie), he immediately said the American West.

I must say, I was a little scared- it seems so far, so unlike anything I have come to know. But I had scoured Trip Advisor so much and other Internet search engines and felt like The Hideout would be the best match for us. I paid in increments during the year (which made it very affordable in the long run- and took the bite out of that post vacation credit card bill), and made sure we were equipped with everything on the list they sent ahead of time. They are very thorough in getting information about you ahead of time which helps to match you to your horse and takes into account any dietary restrictions you might have (my son is a vegetarian). Even from this initial care, you already feel like you are being catered to.

By catering to your comfort needs, they ease you into the extreme physical activity of being on horseback most of the day. And it is not just trail riding, the landscapes can be extreme. It was a challenge and it was exhilarating! The wranglers are so adept and so on top of everything. Many times I had to take deep breaths and mutter little prayers under my breath to stay the course on some of the more difficult trails- but they keep you going and the rewards are some of the most amazing vistas you will ever see.

I truly shed some tears when we left. I had no idea I could be so overwhelmed by the beauty of America- I mean I love my country, but I really didn’t realize that the vastness was still alive and kicking in the West.

The staff at the Hideout is exemplary- the way that you are treated from the second you book your trip to the time you are there and even in the weeks after you leave, you feel like you are a part of something special. My son said it was the best experience of his life- he became a cowboy while we were there, he made great friends, and he and I bonded over the amazing experiences we shared together.

This is the experience of a lifetime, a wonderful bonding experience for a family (or a single parent- of which we were a well- represented group the week we were there). Not a single disappointment, and some of the best experiences of my life.

“We’ll be back!”
July, 2014

tripadvisorThe food, the locale, 25 interesting guests, diverse activities, the staff, and of course, the riding…all were superb, wonderful, AMAZING! The three of us have very different interests, and each of us had one of the best vacations ever, hands down. My 17-year old daughter spent every minute in the saddle, include two cattle drives, and is already planning to return, as are we. Definitely plan to visit at least once to experience the genuine warmth and hospitality of the staff, and the expertise of the wranglers.

“Awesome Experience in Every Category”
July, 2014

When my family of five was ready for a guest ranch vacation out West, we had a long and varied list of criteria. The Hideout surpassed our expectations and constantly impressed us in ways we never expected! I’ll provide the Mom’s perspective… The riding experience in our family varies greatly — I’ve shown Quarter Horses at a national level for decades, and daughters 14 and 10 are intermediate but confident Hunter Jumper equestrians, our 12 year old son is a true beginner rider and my husband enjoys an occasional trail ride but is more avidly a fly fisherman. I was very skeptical going into this vacation that any place could have good horses for everyone from me to my son, but I trusted The Hideout’s website description of it’s program and the people who manage the horses. I came away from this trip AMAZED at not only how good their stock is, but also at how well they matched all riders (from our family and all others there) with appropriate horses. We rode through the most beautiful, varied terrain I’ve ever seen in the U.S. (incl a previous trip to a ritzy Montana ranch) on GREAT horses. This was not “nose to tail” riding. We climbed mountains, crossed rivers, drove cattle, saw wildlife including a herd of wild mustangs! Experienced riders had many opportunities to trot and lope (gallop), but novice riders were never pushed beyond their comfort or safety. The wranglers were super fun but also attentive and knowledgeable. High kudos to Tom for hiring and training outstanding college-aged horsemen to be exceptional wranglers! Additionally, my husband and my son had stellar experiences fly fishing (sometimes including riding horses to rarely fished prime water). My husband regularly fishes out West and this was our son’s first time to try fly-fishing, and they both caught beautiful trout and had a blast. Guide Matt is another gem at the The Hideout. Another exceptional surprise — the food was the daily talk of all the guests. (Like a small, super cool restaurant where it’s hard to get a table but it’s absolutely worth going into town for.) Sheena’s creative dinners — fresh, local salads… hot out of the oven cookies at lunch… hearty breakfasts… This is NOT mess hall dining for a herd. And all the kitchen staff were so friendly and attentive, including making sure the little kids had what they would enjoy. Not up for gourmet one night, the kids were so happy Sheena simply made them pasta. No worries. It was so nice. I especially want to specifically mention how incredibly kind and thoughtful Rebecca and Katie in the office were toward each person in our family. Many times they went above and beyond to take care of us. Marijn and Peter are friendly and engaging, and clearly focused on making this a stellar experience for everyone. All great people. (Special thanks, also, to two cool college guys who organize soccer games and ping pong matches and have all the kids having fun and feeling included after dinner — Victor and Edward, you rock!) Yes, the cabins are clean and look just as charming with Pendleton blankets and perfect Western art as the website shows. In fact all the photos on the site accurately show what we experienced — authentic horsemanship, top quality stock, spectacular scenery. I give The Hideout my absolute highest recommendation in every category, and I thank the entire crew there for a week our family will always treasure (sending all guests a dvd of photos of their week is such a nice touch!). We hope to be back next year and beyond, including perhaps a photography workshops as The Hideout absolutely has the location for such!)

“Hands down the very best vacation of our lives”
July 21, 2014

The Hideout is an amazing experience that you and your family will remember your whole lives. The staff is outstanding and everyone goes out of their way to make sure your stay is as perfect as possible. The horses are well cared for, the scenery is diverse, the rides can accommodate beginners thru advanced and you always feel safe on your mount. Our daughter was able to participate in advanced rides without us – even a mountaintop overnight stay – and we never had any concern knowing she was with Tom. The kids would hang out in the evenings in the game room and relax, there are multiple non-riding events that my son and husband enjoyed and great opportunities to make new friends from all over the world

“Best family vacation”
July 5, 2014

I don’t even know how to begin to express what a wonderful family vacation that we had at the Hideout. We were very beginner riders looking for a family adventure and the staff at The Hideout delivered and then some. The best way to describe the owners, managers, wranglers and culinary staff is “authentic hospitality”. You could tell that everyone there truly loves what they do. They are wonderful “people ” as well as “horse people”.
We had many different types of riding experiences, trap shooting, archery and fly fishing. The staff were so patient and wonderful with helping us improve our riding skills.
The cabins were clean and very comfortable complete with rocking chairs on the front porch to relax after a day of riding.
One of the best things for me was the absolutely amazing food! It was healthy and unique. There was not a single bad meal while we were there. The staff were also wonderful.
The final thing that just made the vacation for us was the other guests. I know that you can’t choose who you are there with, but I can’t help but think that the ranch seems to have a formula to make sure that everyone gets along. All of the meals are shared in a beautiful dining room in the lodge. Every evening there is a happy hour where you choose your events for the next day and get to view the beautiful photos that the wranglers capture of you riding during the day. It builds such a nice comradery. Either the ranch owners or managers are present at dinner each evening and they are so warm and welcoming. They seem to truly love what they do.
We looked at many guest ranches before deciding on this one. I’m sure that many are just fine, but we would go back to this one in a heartbeat!

“I have been to 23 different ranches….The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch stands out!”
September, 2014

This ranch wrote the book on warmth and hospitality. Their riding program stands out with top horses, equipment, trails, and an emphasis on horsemanship. Not to mention the spectacular and diverse scenery and unparalleled service. Everything about The Hideout is top drawer. Having been to 23 different ranches this ranch stands out and should be on everybody’s bucket list. I would recommend without reservation!

“The Hideout”
June, 2014

It’s hard to imagine a better guest ranch experience than the one provided by The Hideout. The terrain is spectacularly varied – mountains, high county desert and lush canyons – and each beautiful in its own way. The horses are fit and responsive and the wranglers are highly skilled and personable. The accommodations are great and the facility itself is both luxurious and pristine. The food and the wait staff are excellent, with the food being another high point in the overall experience. The Hideout’s owners are highly involved in its operation and can be justifiably proud of their achievements. Overall, a memorable experience.

“Pssst … For a good time call Rebecca !!”
June 24, 2014

Wow! How to relate one of the best vacations my wife and I have experienced.
It’s like trying to describe some of the local mountain vistas. Words are inadequate.

Accommodations – 5 star – our cabin was 20 years old but would swear it was built last year. Clean, delightfully decorated, spacious with granite counter tops to boot. Free long distance and Wi-Fi. For a business man accustomed to working vacations it was ideal.

Dining – 5 star at the lodge – (4 star on the trail – only because I wanted a chuck wagon). Hot dogs, beans & plastic utensils. Not at this ranch. One dinner alone would cost $50 to $75 where I live. Then add in unlimited wine, appetizers & desserts.
“Heaven, I’m in Heaven……”

Staff – ah, the people. These are folks you would like for neighbors. Owners, staff and wranglers. All nice, interesting, engaging, down to earth, unpretentious, fun people to be around, etc. etc. – (just add your own superlatives – it would fit). 6 stars.

Riding – 5 star – We were looking for a true free riding experiences. Not the one hour pony rides most places offer. I must admit being skeptical the first morning. Especially while walking around the corral on a horse named “Flash”, being evaluated by a guy who reminded me of my drill sergeant at Parris Island. Wrong. That man knows his stuff (and actually he is a nice guy!) Plus we rode till our butts were numb. Viewed beautiful scenery on every outing. Didn’t hear one guest with any complaints, especially when it came to riding time. Horses are all top notch. Both my wife and I were fortunate to ride two different mounts during the week and while both had their quirks, both were responsive and above average.

Guests – If you don’t want to interact with other people, don’t come here. The first evening you start with 25 acquaintances. By midweek it is like you’re on vacation with 25 friends. Enhances the vacation experience.

Costs – Worth every penny. I’m being pretty free with my words here. Exactly the opposite with my money.

Recommendation – We plan on being repeat guests. That says it all.

In closing – if you want a really, really great vacation experience. Call Rebecca!
Word to the wise – Remember the guy I told you about in the corral….the one who decides what horse you ride… That’s Tom…. Rebecca’s husband. So be nice!

“Amazing Experience!!!”
June, 2014

I had the pleasure to visit the Hideout Ranch last week. Such a wonderful time! The staff are so hospitable! Within days you will feel like family there. The horses and sites to see around Wyoming are just absolutely breathtaking! You will feel like your in a painting or the making of a country song :) The culinary experience is exceptional!! Loved my stay and making memories with such good people and scenery! A must on your bucket list! I am already planning my next stay at the ranch!!! Loved every minute of it!!
Much love from PA

“Fantastic Western Experience”
Reviewed May, 2014

Fantastic friendly good quality ranching experience with top quality food and accommodation
Good quality horses and beautiful scenery
Cater for all standards of riding and certainly not a nose to tail dude ranch!

Reviewed May 28, 2014

We recently returned from our first visit to The Hideout Ranch. Amazing experience and great hospitality! They can accommodate all levels of riders and they have enough wranglers to separate the guests by skill level. And you can’t beat the scenery! The highlight is the rides, but there is plenty of other activities – fly fishing, trap shooting, biking and hiking. The activities were outstanding, but so was the food, cleanliness and service! We have extremely high expectations and we would rate The Hideout with 5 stars in all three areas. Proof is in the return guests. There were two guests that were on their 14th and 15th visit to the ranch! We enjoyed it so much, we were planning our next stay on the way to the airport!

May, 2014

Hey you, are looking at trip advisor to see if The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch is worth the money? I can tell you it is worth every penny and then some. I have never gone on an adventure/vacation and felt like I got MORE than my money’s worth until now. I have been on numerous riding vacations but this one tops them all. It all in the details and The Hideout pays attention. I have stayed at the Ritz and the hospitality at the “ranch” equals and even trumps it! The small number of guests, fantastic accommodations, terrific staff, excellent food and drink all combined with the gorgeous setting makes for a perfect vacation. I must also mention the horses. I was stunned at the quality of the ranch horses. Sane, sound, and downright happy horses who knew their jobs. The wranglers themselves could not have been more helpful… a big shout out to Tom, Marijn, Kelly Gale and Kelly, Mel and last but not least Matt the fly fishing guide who in one short lesson had me catching trout on a fly rod. One of the highlights of the trip was meeting Dave and Paula Flitner without whom there would not be such a fantastic place. The week my two friends and I were there the guests were French, Belgium, Australians and a tall drink of water from Germany! We all had such a good time we are already planning a return visit next year to ride with Peter in the red dragon up the mountain! OK so you must be convinced by now! Helpful hints: Don’t sweat what to pack to wear for dinner, clean shirt and jeans are always appropriate- better yet buy a shirt at the gift shop! Gorgeous shirts, scarves and by all means rent your chaps for the week (looks good in the pictures). GO TO THE HIDEOUT – YOU WILL LOVE IT!

“Superb riding, great staff”
April, 2014

I went to the Hideout for a week, having never experienced a dude ranch before. My initial fears of being stuck on only nose-to-tail slow scenic trail rides quickly disappeared, as I got to experience everything from team penning (much harder than it looks!), taking a full-day ride climbing up to 9 000 feet, horsemanship clinics and in general just superb riding on excellent horses. The hideout horses are very well-trained and Tom and his team of wranglers are very proficient in determining just how good you are at riding and which horse would suit you best. You can tell these guys and girls take great pride in what they do and really care about their horses. The Hideout participates in mustang training programmers, and I was fortunate to get to ride one of the mustangs caught in the wild and trained at the ranch, an awesome experience. During my week there were all types of riders there, and each day there would be riding activities suited for all of them with horses to match. If you are a beginner you will get a calmer mount and get taken on rides suited to your comfort level, and if you are more experienced the wranglers will take you for a more advanced hike through steeper slopes and with more loping. The wranglers take photos constantly which you will get sent in the mail after your stay (+1000 pics!) so you will have some great memories from your stay without having to handle your camera all the time. Since the atmosphere at the ranch is so friendly and inclusive I never felt lonely or left out, even though I was traveling alone and the other guests were mainly couples – the setup is one that makes interactions between guests natural and all the staff are very attentive and friendly. I am going back again this year

“Another great week at The Hideout Lodge and Guest Ranch”
February, 2014

I was there in December and had an amazing time. I’ve been to the Hideout many times before but everything looks different in the snow. The riding was exceptional. One day we rode to find the wild mustangs and came within 150 yards of a group of them. Another day we rode through the Big Horn Mountains in the snow. The people we met became like “old friends” in a matter of days and eight of us are coming back the same week in August. As usual the staff and amenities were outstanding. It’s hard to adequately describe this place, one needs to experience it

“Repeat customer”
January, 2014

tripadvisorThis ranch combines the excitement of day rides on horseback with highly experienced staff and the luxury of 5star food and accommodations. They are guest oriented and no request is too small one too big. Enjoy the peaceful sage bloomed rides then relax in the hot tub or lodge. I have my 4th trip scheduled for August. I can’t get enough of the peaceful mountains rides and the instructions that help this non-rider turn into a comfortable cowgirl. The cabins are immaculately clean and large windows put the star-filled skies within your reach at night. The staff is like family and aim to please. Cocktail hour includes a slide show of the days pictures taken. What a fun way to gather with guests and purvey the day’s activities.

“Great riding experience!!”
October, 2013

If riding and horse experience is what you want, this is the place for you. The scenery is breathtaking and varies from beautiful canyon rides, to open prairie, to high elevation forests. You may be riding through thick trees and in and out of the creeks one morning and in the afternoon be high on the plateau overlooking a 1000 foot drop. This ranch is a serious rider’s paradise and you can spend 6 hours or more in the saddle everyday if you choose. The wranglers were great. We felt enough freedom to experience the horses and improve our riding skills with attentive and encouraging oversight from the knowledgeable staff. Our experience provided everything we wanted from a dude ranch.

We spent 5 days in the saddle but for those who become saddle sore, the Ranch provided other activities such as fly-fishing, archery & sporting clays.

The ranch facilities are beautiful, the grounds well-manicured, tack barn orderly and clean, and the lodge comfortable with a great staff. The cabins afford incredible vistas of the Big Horn Mountains and are well appointed and comfortable. Wyoming is certainly a beautiful place

“COMING BACK IN 5 MONTHS!!!! (with more friends)”
October, 2013

We just left the Hideout on Saturday. Everything about it was perfect! We loved the owners
and the wranglers! Each one was entertaining and extremely knowledgeable. The food was delicious, the rooms great, and the horses wonderful. (Okay, Randall wasn’t really a perfect
“rodeo” horse.) We got to ride in the most beautiful settings ever and at the speed we wanted.
After riding, we sat on our porch listening to music and had a breath-taking view of the mountains
glimmering in the sunlight. It was magical.
So…we are heading back there as soon as they open in the spring!!

“Perfect Family Vacation”
October, 2013

The Hideout is the perfect place to “reconnect” as a family. We’re all grown now, and don’t get together too often. Taking a week at The Hideout was an ideal way to spend time together. The scenery is breathtaking – much better than any of the pictures, if you can believe it. The horses are spectacular – from novices (me) to experts (Mom), the wranglers paired everyone with the right horse for them. My horse had me loping in no time – smiling like an idiot the whole way (his great nature and extreme sure-footedness was the perfect match for my complete lack of skill!). The staff couldn’t have been more helpful or more sincerely friendly. It is clear that they all really enjoy working here. The lodgings and food were both excellent – but not so deluxe that you lost all feeling of being on a ranch. Expect really good home cooking, and a very comfortable room with everything you’d need, but floors that are OK for boots and you’ll have your expectations set just right. I can’t recommend The Hideout highly enough – we will certainly be back!

“Best Experience for Photography and for Lodging/Dining!”
October, 2013

Last week I was fortunate to spend a week at the Hideout while on a photography tour. The facility is terrific, but the best part of the stay was how everyone went out of their way to make our photo shoots and stay go so well. From the wranglers, to the managers, to the office staff to the kitchen staff and the cleaning/maintenance folks — each person had their role to play and did their best to play it well. The wranglers and managers doubled as models in our photo shoots, with each one doing his or her best to make memorable, high quality photos. What a great way to see well-kept horses and cattle in a ranch environment! We got to experience the west in luxury.

The setting for the Hideout could not be better. While the facility itself and its land is kept lush with irrigation, the surrounding countryside is ruggedly Spartan, with its rough, rocky mountains, sage brush, and interesting rock and land formations. The 300,000 acre ranch has so much variety in its terrain that every day we had fresh areas to visit.

The well-kept log cabins are cozy and part of the western experience. Fresh towels daily made “roughing it” perfect. The food was hearty and excellent. Special requests were always accommodated.

I wish the trip had been for a second week as I was just sinking in to the joy of it when it was time to fly out

“Fantastic Ranch Experience by an eastern North Carolina Gal”
October, 2013

The last week in September I had the most fantastic ranch experience out west at The Hideout Lodge and Guest Ranch!! The great activities, the delicious meals, the comfortable lodging, the beautiful grounds, and the breathtaking scenery all contributed to the wonderful experience!! Most impressive was The Hideout staff!! The entire staff was so dedicated to making the experience special for each guest!! The high standard of excellence in guest services and opportunities was amazing and so much appreciated!!! The vacation felt more like a “family vacation” for me. I enjoyed meeting and spending time with everyone . . . . other guests and all the staff!!! My activities during the week included horseback riding, trap shooting, fly fishing, archery, roping, and a horsemanship class. All so professionally organized and customized for guest interest and safety. An added bonus was the DVD each guest received with a collection of all the pictures taken during the week. The spectacular pictures that the wranglers and other staff took each day captured the memories of a life changing vacation!!! The Hideout owners and staff . . . . and the entire Hideout experience . . . . .the BEST you can imagine!!

“The ultimate ranch experience”
September, 2013

We have just left The Hideout and can’t wait to return. First, the scenery is breathtaking. Second, the horses are great. Third, the food is some of the best we’ve eaten anywhere. Fourth, the atmosphere created by Peter, Marijn, head wrangler Tom Bircher and everyone else connected with the ranch is over the top outstanding. There are half-day rides and whole day rides. Everywhere you turn the scenery is different and awesome. We come away wanting to know more about the geology of the area. The cattle rides are great fun and are real working roundups.
Though it’s primarily for riding, there are many other activities that are provided – such as fly- fishing, trapshooting, crossbow and they’ll even teach you how to use a lasso.
The price for the ranch is expensive, but covers everything except renting chaps and purchasing neat stuff in the shop. The shop has lots of great things and the prices are fair or below regular stores. I love the fact that you’re not nickel and dimed.
We miss it already!