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Welcome to The Hideout

Dutch & Flemish

The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch is an all-inclusive upscale working cattle, riding, fly-fishing and adventure guest ranch in Shell, WY (east of Cody and Yellowstone National Park). In addition to riding, working cattle and fly-fishing, we offer an array of non-riding activities and adventures such as trapshooting, archery, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, biking, 4x4 tours, etc.

Limited to approximately 25 guests per week from all over the world and with access to 95 horses, a one to one staff to guest ratio, and the owners and management actively involved with the well-being of our guests, we are committed to the highest standards of culinary experience, lodging, staff (we speak 4 languages), horses, and personal, almost customized attention. We are very multi-cultural and diverse.

Every year The Hideout books full well in advance of the season, mostly because of word of mouth and returning guests. As we do not plan to increase the number of guests that we host each week, please book your vacation well ahead of the season.

Guest Ranch Testimonials

The Hideout Blog

Best Riding Ranch for beginning to expert riders!

I’ve been here twice since May, 2016. The people are awesome from the wranglers to the office staff to the kitchen staff to the owners who ride with you on many days. They are out to please the guests in every way possible. The ranch will accommodate all levels of riders from absolutely beginners to intermediate advanced riders. Is a good spot to bring a group of riding friends. The wranglers will lope a lot if that’s what you’re into. They know what they’re doing and can help you become a better rider. Mountain rides are absolutely amazing. Views are spectacular and you’ll see wildlife too. Cattle work is a blast and it’s actually real work for the ranch. You don’t get that everywhere! Cabins are very nice as you can see from the website. This place is a solid 5 and I’ve been to many guest ranches. I may never visit another one other than The Hideout.

Amazing Ranch Experience

I cannot recommend this place highly enough. Professional, courteous, caring, knowledgeable and interesting staff. Breathtaking scenery. Fabulous horses. Great food and accommodation and very personal service. Nothing was too much trouble. They catered equally well for beginner riders and experienced. The horses were well cared for and thoughtfully trained and managed. Wranglers were brilliant.

Best Vacation Ever

My daughter and I just got back from The Hideout this month. What a fantastic time we had, it was beyond our expectations. The Scenery was unbelievable, the Food Scrumptious, The Staff Excellent, Horses were Awesome. I can not say enough great things about this place. It was so great we booked it again for next year and we are counting down the days, just a year away…… I feel it was so worth it, I’m 56 and not getting any younger, so I said “LETS DO IT”, GO FOR IT…while I can still get in the saddle. They made it all so easy for us.

Beyond Expectations

My husband and I just returned home from the most amazing vacation we could have imagined at the Hideout. The property and rooms are beautiful, the food is great, the staff is super friendly and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. This Bucket List trip was worth every penny. The manager Peter is warm, welcoming and actively involved with the guests and activities along with his lovely wife. Beyond Expectations!!!

Exceptional luxury Western riding Experience

What a great experience we just had with family and friends!! A luxury ranch for riders from advanced to no riding. It is not just a vacation, it is being immersed in the world of cowboys, cowgirls, Western culture, and the expanse of our country. Add to that gourmet food, great rooms, flexibility in your activities each day and you have a rare find. I am from the east coast. We just don’t have this kind of thing!

All riding levels

My husband, 14 year old son and I went to the ranch with friends. We ranged from advanced riders to non-riders. Well, they are now riders! As a group we took advantage of the fly fishing, trap shooting, archery, four wheel off road tour, cattle herding, private lessons and of course trail riding.

And the trail riding is across the most glorious vistas you will ever see.

On hot days ride in the mountains and cooler in the high desert. If you are an advanced rider like me, the wranglers will take you for a lope while the others continue on their trail ride. My riding lesson that I requested was very helpful making the transition from dressage to western. I rode Tex. He is an advanced horse and very well trained responding to every cue. My son rode Flash who was perfect for him. He is a rider. And my husband rode Jaws, named such because he likes to eat.

The horses are clearly cared for. Tom, the Head Wrangler, is a professional horse handler and supervises this part of the guest ranch. . Rebecca, his wife was our first contact and ongoing organizer and manager. Both were very courteous and extremely knowledgeable.

Marjin, co-owner with her husband Peter, and his aunt Paula, created and runs this great guest ranch and leads many of the trail rides. She gives guidance to riders to improve riding skills and gives you a great guest ranch experience.

The other guests were very interesting and we had a great time. The international flavor of the ranch increases its appeal. Don’t hesitate! You won’t regret going here.

Bucket List Vacation of a lifetime

Top 10 things we best love at the hideout (in no order)

1. Our horses- Chief is the best horse ever – confident– comfortable ride – well behaved – but Zach says Romeo is the best looking and Spider was very grand looking (I am bias with this list as Chief was my horse)

2. Dinosaur Dig – once in a lifetime priceless experience- Lisa/Alex and Dan were so good at explain the process of Dinosaur digging and we got to take a piece of bone with us!

3. The gourmet meals and service team were awesome- my fav was the key lime pie which was so good and we live in Keys Florida so we know our key lime pies!

4. The landscape and scenery amazing.. It was surreal and overwhelming in a good way- I think everyone should put Wyoming on their bucket list

5. The wranglers were all very interesting and competent – I learned about apple orchards, Mining, Honduras, Life here in the winter, life as a fireman, Mosquitoes , and much more

6. The guests- meals were so much fun and all the guests had amazing life stories and interesting conversations and were all fun to be around – I am so thankful for FB as now easy to keep in contact.

7. The rooms were spacious and cool and the team did a great job of cleaning up after us and keeping the dirt from finding its way into our beds.. The porch was my fav spot to sit and catch up on work stuff after a long day

8. The beds are so comfortable! It was so hard to get up each morning as I want to just keep sleeping and the sheets are so soft and nice texture.

9. All the activities were fun and was good variety – and good to try new things- was easy to be adventurous

10. The ranch is so well run! They like it look so easy but I know a lot goes on behind the scenes as to make something appear smooth means a lot of process and mgmt behind it! So congrats to MichealKeaton , Rebecca , Peter and Mirjin& Paula

Oakville, Canada

A Perfect 10 in every way

My wife and I have traveled quite extensively over the years, visited dozens of foreign countries with many memorable experiences but none better than our recent stay at the Hideout. And although the natural beauty of the surrounding areas is breathtaking and incredibly beautiful, what made this trip so special is the manner in which guests are taken care of by hosts, Peter and Marijn and the many talented and hard working employees who truly demonstrate a genuine love for their work and that is unquestionably apparent in every single thing that they undertake and do. From riding, driving cattle, skeet shooting, archery, fly fishing and 4X4 travel into the hills; all activities were very well planned with much consideration to making each experience as memorable and enjoyable as it could possibly be.

The horses, the true stars of the week, were well trained, disciplined and kind to all riders, from beginners to the more advanced ones, a tribute to all Wranglers but in particular, Tom, the Head Wrangler who also ran a Horsemanship session that was not only interesting but most informative. Not to be overlooked in our incredible week’s stay at the Hideout were the efforts of Rebecca who made sure that all aspects of our stay went exactly as planned and chef, Mary who saw that every meal was quite scrumptious.

Thank you again for all of the authentic, truly enjoyable and lasting memories that you have provided. It is with great pleasure and appreciation that my wife and I award the Hideout with the well deserved FIVE HORSESHOE RATING.

Convent Station

Fantastic Riding and Accommodation

My friends and I had a wonderful experience at the Hideout. We stayed in two of the Casitas which had a magnificent view. Cabins were very clean and comfortable, with nice soft sheets on the beds. The grounds and barn were well maintained as were all the common areas, no details are overlooked, flowers everywhere, nice thick carpet of grass to lay down on to watch the stars at night.

The horses and tack we had were all quality as well, there is an option to upgrade your saddle, but the “standard” is well suited to long days in the saddle. I rode three horses at the hideout and they were all well trained, surefooted and safe mounts.

Meals were fantastic and they made every effort to satisfy individual likes/dislikes. My diet suffered as a result.

Scenery on the rides exceeded my expectations and all of the staff was well trained, knowledgeable and friendly. They have multiple trucks and trailers that take you out to different start points so you have new places to ride every time without repeating the same trails. My friends and I are all seasoned trail riders with our own horses and we were not disappointed.

Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to experience the beautiful scenery while still maintaining comfortable accommodations and excellent cuisine.

East Brunswick, New Jersey

First Rate – Fantastic

I was looking for a riding vacation for my daughter and I before she heads off to medical school and wanted a place with excellent horses, cattle work, and breathtaking scenery. My research led me to The Hideout and I have to say this is really the Gold Standard when it comes to ranch getaways. The scenery is really breathtaking – red canyons, lush green valleys, rugged mountains. The facilities are comfortable and perfect; private log cabins with front porch, comfortable beds, private baths, refrigerator, cable, internet and the main lodge has laundry facilities, game rooms, store and is decorated out of a western version of Architectural Digest. The food is lovingly prepared by Chef Mary and she presents a nice variety of healthy, delicious and expertly plated dishes. The horses and people, though, really take the Hideout from Great to Awesome. Everyone- the owners, wranglers, staff are genuine and gracious. The horses are well trained, disciplined and have tons of personality for riders at most every level of experience. Our fellow guests? Well, we have many new friends and I am looking forward to seeing them again soon!

We had the opportunity to do some cattle work, explore the back country and at the end of a long day in the saddle, take a soak in the hot tub and enjoy a cocktail with our new friends. Solo guests were also welcomed and had a great time (this does not have that “couples only” feel).

All in all, I can see why there are so many repeat guests and I will definitely be returning again

Emerald Island – North Carolina

The Best!

The owners have created the nicest environment for their guests. The operation is run safely and the stock is taken care of in the best possible way. The accommodations are very nice and the entire operation, from the guest rooms to the barn, is spotless. The chef and her staff prepared gourmet meals, including vegetarian for us. The best part was the people – from the varied and interesting guests to the wonderful hosts. The scenery in the area, from the flatlands to the mountains, is amazing

La Jolla – California

Everything we had hoped for in service and scenery!!!!

The personable staff, management and ownership at this ranch made our stay unforgettable. My husband and I are in our mid 50’s and beginning riders. Horseback riding is the heart of this ranch and though we enjoyed the breaks from riding to trap shoot, learn archery and fly fish, experiencing the majesty of Wyoming’s scenery on horseback was spectacular! Take a riding lesson as soon as it’s offered…learning horsemanship from these pros was invaluable.

The temperature ranged from 35 degrees to mid 70’s. While you’re here, buy a cowboy hat, rent a slicker and chaps, bring a bandanna and your cowboy boots. We learned quickly that all western gear serves a very practical purpose!

We were fortunate to be with a terrific group of guests, especially since we dined together every day. The chef’s menu was diverse, creative and fabulous. Her servers were attentive and welcoming. Rebecca and her husband Tom were responsive and always available to answer any question.

I spent hours researching dude ranches to find the one that would provide excellence in service. Peter and Marijn, the owners, made clear in words and actions that they operate their ranch with utmost care and respect for both their guests and their horses. We had a dream vacation.

Omaha, Nebraska

This was my very first time experiencing a Dude Ranch

The Hideout exceeded all my expectations. The riding was fantastic – the horses are treated well and the Wranglers make sure the Guests treat them well. The carefully pick the horse that suits the rider. The rides are spectacular. The food is great (unfortunately I gained weight there), the accommodations are wonderful and the people so friendly. Safety is a high priority, which I really appreciated. I was a solo traveler and had the time of my life. I can truly say this was the best vacation of my life and it is due to how the Ranch is run. I will go back!

Houston, Texas

Fourth visit to the ranch

My wife and I and four other close friends have now returned for the fourth time to the Hideout. Needless to say, the experience is consistently outstanding. We like to ride and the ranch allows you to ride to your ability. The horses were all excellent, the terrain varied and the scenery breathtaking. The accommodations are upscale with comfortable well equipped and in excellent condition. Food has been constantly well prepared and varied. The chef welcomes feedback and aims to please all. The most compelling reason for us to return are the staff, head wrangler, Tom and his wife, Rebecca, and owners, Peter and Marijn who all create a warm and personable environment. We’ve already booked for next year!

Los Angeles, California

Go. Just go

But here are some more details if you want to keep reading:

Few things in life are like the brochure. The Hideout is an exception (I don’t normally give 5 stars). The website accurately represents the sense of family and attention to detail put in to this business. From Peter, Tom, Rebecca, Teres, Mary – all will know you well in a day or so and make you feel at home from the moment you arrive. Interestingly, aside from the “Western experience,” if you find getting behind the scenes of a well-run business to be stimulating, then you will definitely enjoy discussions with Peter.

As a novice equestrian, the horseback riding aspect was fun, safe and sufficiently challenging. There are a variety of horses for all skill levels and Tom runs a tight ship. For my girlfriend, who is an experienced equestrian, she had similar enjoyment with the daily rides. None of the rides were “nose to tail.” The packing list is an accurate “go-by.”

Living arrangements are simple, elegant and authentic to the area. I could not find any evidence of dirt anywhere. Amazingly clean – every day!

“Cocktail hour” is a great way to get to know the other guests and the staff outside of the riding context just prior to supper. Photos taken during the day will be on display on the TV as a slide show. I recommend making time to attend it – very entertaining.

Mary and her staff will provide ample, delicious food for you daily – including eggs from the chickens next door and great hors d’oeuvres at the above cocktail hour.

I could go on bragging about this place and my week of vacation. Instead, go read the other reviews to see the trend.

Washington DC. District of Columbia

The Hideout fulfilled my fantasy of horseback riding through fantastic scenery

From the moment we (I and 7 outstanding horsewomen) arrived on Sunday, we were impressed and continuously amazed with the outstanding service, friendly folks, beautiful landscapes…..the food was delicious…..buffalo sirloin, elk, breakfasts of our dreams…..the wranglers were top notch!!!!! Mel offered suggestions which enabled me to trot and lope at ease!!!!! Lizzy’s word is worth it’s weight in gold! The all day horseback ride and trout fishing is not to be missed! Every ride you select is better than the last, do your best to fit them all in one week. The Hideout is more than worth every penny it cost!

Portsmouth, Virginia

My 16th visit to The Hideout. Still the Best!!!

Since my very first visit, things have continued to evolve over the last 12 years at The Hideout with a steady upward trajectory. It’s the sort of business that usually sees turnover of staff, but throughout the years, there have been many constants, legacies and traditions that keep my family coming back year after year…sometimes more than once a year.

One change that strikes me as thoughtful is management’s intention of keeping the roster of weekly guests below a certain headcount. Years ago some weeks the ranch and its facility would seem overcrowded and pinched: not every week, but on occasions during summer season. This is no longer the case and the experience there has become more intimate, congenial, and less rushed.

The lodgings are fantastic and almost seem new, though they’ve seen several seasons. The food and service is always superb; something we always count on.

Guests are treated like family and as a result people keep coming back year after year and we can always count on crossing paths with old friends and fellow guests from a decade ago.

The wranglers are talented, knowledgeable, friendly, and many of them have been working at the ranch for several years now. Frequent and challenging cattle work was on tap this past summer and one new, dramatic trail ride (to Adelaide Lake) was added this year

Global Traveler – Homer, New York