All Inclusive Ranch Vacations

All-Inclusive Family Guest Ranch Vacations at The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch

The Hideout’s guest season runs from the first week of April through the first week of November.

allinclusive-duderanch-vacations3During the summer months from June through the second half of August, The Hideout sees families with kids and teenagers visiting the ranch time and time again. Our minimum age is 8. We believe that many of these families return year after year because they see the value and need to spend time with one another “togethering at The Hideout.” Over the years we have seen a growing trend in multigenerational travel with grandparents, parents and kids traveling together.

With parents frequently travelling or working long hours, and kids in school and attending numerous extracurricular activities, families understand time is one of their most precious resources. In addition to the major life commitments of work and school, there is an ever-increasing array of new technology such as personal electronics, computers and cell phones that are eating up nearly every minute of the day. The result of these hectic schedules and consuming personal electronics is families having far less time to spend enjoying one another, indulging in new experiences and learning together as a family.

The Hideout offers an ideal setting and atmosphere for a fun and safe family vacation. Families can come together and try new things such as:

  • Working cattle under the guidance of experienced wranglers
  • Taking in spectacular scenery on horseback with our experienced and skilled wranglers
  • Learning about horses, horsemanship and riding with patient, caring teachers
  • Swimming in a gorgeous pool with a view of Bighorn Mountains
  • Go fishing
  • Hiking in the Shell Valley or Big Horn Mountains
  • Drive to Cody and visit the Cody Nite Rodeo (seasonal) and the world-renowned Buffalo Bill Center of the West
  • Visiting Yellowstone National Park before or after your stay at The Hideout
  • Just relax, read a book, play games and spend time together

allinclusive-duderanch-vacations1These are all exciting experiences the entire family can enjoy together. Families from across America and around the world are learning that these unique activities bring them closer and allow them to bond over memories that will last for the rest of their lives.

A vacation at The Hideout is, above all, safe and fosters a family-oriented atmosphere (The Hideout is a family-run ranch.) We have many repeat guests from around the world and, although you may be visiting the Wild West in Wyoming, you will often hear up to four languages being spoken and learn a great deal about your fellow travelers’ cultures. Family members both old and young will forge friendships with the other guests, often leading to youngsters keeping in touch via social networking and sometimes visiting each other overseas.

Helmets are Required for Children 14 Years of Age and Under

The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch offers a fun and safe riding experience. Our safety program requires all children 14 years of age and under to wear riding helmets.

An All-Inclusive Family Vacation

The Hideout is essentially all-inclusive (on-ranch activities, accommodations, meals, cocktail hours, etc.) unless you buy something in our gift shop, need a fishing license or beverages after lunch and dinner.

No Kids Program

The Hideout has no kids program. Parents need to ride and participate together with their children and grandkids.


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