Playing with Cattle

Stockmanship and Cattle Work


The Hideout is foremost a riding and horsemanship ranch. One of the equestrian activities we offer is working or playing with cattle on horseback. Since its founding, guests have come to The Hideout to experience working cattle and learn how to work cattle.

The art of properly handling cattle is called stockmanship. Around the world, stockmanship is done either on foot or horseback using the same principles. Doing stockmanship horseback adds the disciplines of natural horsemanship so we are now communicating and positioning both horse and cattle simultaneously. This is more challenging but gives purpose and is fun.

When working cattle, we embrace the principles of low stress stockmanship using the methods of experts like Bud Williams. Low stress stockmanship is akin to natural relationship-based horsemanship with the goal of putting the least stress possible on the animal using pressure and release.

Cattle Work

To teach these principles, we usually keep a small herd of cattle at The Hideout or Trapper Creek Ranch for our guests to enjoy and learn the basics of stockmanship. Guests can help round up livestock, push them into the arena and learn team penning.

Low Stress Team Penning

During most of the season we have a small herd of cattle at The Hideout who graze our pastures, near The Hideout or at our sister ranches White Creek Ranch or Trapper Creek Ranch.

A fun day is learning the techniques of moving cattle in the arena and then riding out to gather these cows driving them through the creek, uphill, through the woods and into the arena for team penning, sorting and other “cattle games” on horseback. This is an ideal controlled setting to practice and play.During the hottest days of Summer, it might be too hot to work cattle in the arena.

During that time of the year, we will encourage our guests to ride in the mountains for their comfort and their horse’s.

Trailering Out

We ride on approximately 650,000 acres and elevations ranging from 4,200 to 10,500 feet. To take complete advantage of this vast and unique backyard we trailer out for 95% of our rides.

Having access to a fleet of seven trucks and trailers gives us enormous flexibility to explore new country and rides. All our trucks are well maintained, equipped with exhaust and trailer brakes

Safety First

Experience and knowledge are vital to providing our guests with the most rewarding rides.

All our wranglers are a minimum of 21 years old, first aid and CPR certified and well trained in handling trucks, trailers and horses in a safe and effective way. You will encounter a wide variety of terrain, and it is not uncommon to encounter large temperature variations.

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