Guest Ranch Testimonials

What are our Guests saying?

The Hideout Ranch is incomparable to any other ranch that I have ever experienced. I keep going back to the Hideout many times over because the riding is so amazing and diverse, the terrain so varied that one never tires of the hundred-mile big sky views. The many incredible horses to ride are extraordinarily well trained, friendly, and well behaved. The staff, from reception to housekeeping to wranglers and owners, are warm, welcoming, and engaging. They participate with guests in many cocktail hours, lunches, dinners, and on the rides, making guests feel part of the Hideout Ranch family. The lodging is immaculately clean, well appointed, warm, and inviting. The meals are made by a skilled chef who accommodates a wide variety of food allergies and tastes, with a diversity of gourmet and comfort food options. Riding with the owners, Peter and Marijn, offers amazing opportunities to enhance one’s own riding abilities through their shared professional knowledge and experience. They make the rides challenging, fun, educational, and exciting every day. Opportunities to herd cattle and see wild horse herds on the Big Horn range are a regular part of the Hideout Ranch experience as well, so don’t miss this incredible guest ranch!

“If you love horses and riding”

As one of the past veterinarians for the United States Olympic Team, myself and my family are, horse people. We have taken riding holidays all over the world from Africa, NZ, Australia, Mongolia, Europe and more…. this was one of the most memorable and best trips ever. The absolute beauty of the area, authenticity of the owners, staff and wranglers and impeccable care for their horses mad this trip a “10”. From fishing in rivers, skeet shooting (with a wrangler who trained Navy Seals!) to easy trail riding to challenging terrain moving cattle in a snowstorm…. it was a trip full of lifetime memories. …. as lifelong horse folks- we really appreciated the wonderful condition of their remarkable herd and the facilities!

An Unbelievable Week

I booked our stay at The Hideout about 1 1/2 years in advance (and I suggest you book early too because the secret is out about this place) after years of researching the best ranch experience for my family. It gave me ample time to get very excited about our trip, and the bar was set extremely high. I still cannot believe how greatly the experience exceeded all of my expectations.

My husband and I flew in to Billings as there were no convenient flights to Cody during the shoulder season. We came in a few days early to adjust to the difference in elevation and spent the time checking out Yellowstone National Park. He commented that it was nice to have a vacation before our vacation, and we saw some incredible wildlife.

On the first day of our ranch adventure, we pulled up to the front of the main lodge and were immediately greeted by Melanie, who recognized us right away. She was even more friendly and knowledgeable than she seemed in her e-mails. She took us on a short tour of the lodge before showing us to our cabin (which was in pristine order…thank you Guille and team!). We got to meet the rest of the guests that night at cocktail hour and were introduced to the incomparable kitchen team. Rachel keeps a first-rate kitchen without sacrificing any of the cozy, ranch family feel. The coffee was out of this world, and available 24/7. Special thanks to Rachel and Denise for superb food (which was especially impressive since there were a few gluten-free guests our week) and to Josh, Raven, and Amy for excellent service and conversation.

The second day, we met Marjin in the barn for orientation and our riding evaluation (for riders claiming an ability of level 3+). Ramon was unavailable the first few days due to a recent injury, but we got to meet him later in the week. Some of the return guests raved about his winter horsemanship clinics which we discovered were completely booked.

My husband and I were paired with well-trained horses that matched our abilities. The horses only work 3 days per week, so we got new mounts in the middle of the week. I absolutely loved both horses I rode! The Hideout really does an exceptional job matching the right horses with the right riders. There is a sizeable difference between my riding experience and my husband’s but at no time did either of us feel unsafe or unhappy with our adventure whether we rode together or in other groups. We really had a blast with Emily, Annika, Dinette, and Amy…we unfortunately didn’t get to know Nina and Laura quite as well…But these kind, mighty lady wranglers have a great sense of humor and a wealth of experience between them.

All of the other days follow a pattern. At cocktail hour on the prior day Marjin or one of the wranglers will make recommendations and group guests for activities for the next day. The day begins with breakfast in the main lodge at 8am. All day rides meet at the main lodge at 8:30 or 8:50 am based on location (you get a gourmet sandwich lunch to take with you), half day rides meet at the barn at 8:50 am and 1:50 pm with lunch between at the main lodge. Cocktail hour starts at 6:30pm, but you should get there early to check out the photos taken during the different adventures of the day, and is followed by dinner and dessert.

We can’t wait to go back!


The team at the Hideout, starting with Melanie’s warm welcome and infectious smile and ending with Rachel’s exquisite cooking fosters a close connection among the guests during the week of their stay. Such a special place we have found and feel as though like many of the other guests we met, we too will become regulars and long time visitors. The wranglers go out of their way to make their guests comfortable in the saddle while providing instruction and encouragement to every person in their care. They are exceptional at what they do and it shows in their care of the horses as well as the guests!
Marijn and Peter, have created an incredible experience for all of their guests. Their close attention to detail and the comfort of their guests by their presence each evening is deeply appreciated and admired. So very special! I would highly recommend a visit to the Hideout, you won’t regret it!

Wonderful dude ranch vacation

I visited the Hideout as a solo female traveler and I had the most amazing vacation experience of my life. Their horses are healthy and well cared for, the friendly and knowledgeable staff come from a variety of diverse backgrounds, and the food is incredible. My room had the most picturesque view and the pool on the ranch provided the perfect way to refresh after a full day ride.
The rides were by far the best I have ever been on. I was impressed with the attention to safety and the way the experienced staff were able to match me with an appropriate mount. This is definitely NOT a nose-to-tail trail riding experience! I had such a wonderful time that I immediately signed up to return next year. Great people, great horses, great scenery and amazing food!


One of those rare places you want to selfishly keep a secret. The owners Peter and Marijn have created a well managed gem that transports guests to an authentic western experience. The property itself is immaculate. The riding vistas in the Bighorns are right out of a classic western movie. Beautiful, well-trained horses who are lovingly cared for by a top-notch wrangler team. Daily agendas flexibly created to suit the preferences and capabilities of the guests. Excellent lodging, great food. And the chance to make lasting friendships with the other guests as we enjoy and reminisce over our daily adventures together. My 29-year old daughter called it the best week of her life. I’ve had a lot more weeks than she has, but I’d say it had to be one of my best ever as well. Congratulations, Peter and Marijn, your labor of love is transformative for your lucky guests. 

Experience of a lifetime!

This vacation immediately jumped to the number one family trip we have ever taken. The Hideout staff has an amazing attention to detail, they think of everything and make your stay truly unforgettable. I was most impressed by the small, personal feel and the staff’s infectious love and respect for their horses, along with every animal and person who shares their ranch. It is truly a paradise for animal and nature lovers. The views from the property are breathtaking, and the people we shared our week with were incredible. We now have a new ‘Hideout Family’ that we will treasure forever. We will count the days until we can go back! Bravo to Peter and Merijn for having a vision, and doing it right. This is not your typical dude ranch experience– it is truly unique.

Superb horses. Unique – horses trailered to many trailheads provides the opportunity to see the best of the mountains

Having visited ranches in the USA and internationally, The Hideout is a first rate experience as detailed by each and every reviewer. With a large herd, they are excellent at matching rider ability to the right horse. An excellent choice for travelers of unequal riding experience. The Lodge and grounds are lovely.
The Staff are wonderful – a direct reflection of the values and direction of Peter and Marijn.

Outstanding vacation….simply outstanding!!!

We were searching for a special vacation for our 35th wedding anniversary and my wife’s 60th birthday, both of which occur in the same week. The Hideout proved to be that special place, living up to and exceeding our expectations!

From the moment of arrival, the attention to every detail is apparent! Peter and Marijn’s passion for positive customer service is infused in every team member at the ranch. Every person we encountered wanted us to have the vacation of a lifetime – and we did!!! Office staff, kitchen staff, cleaning staff, wranglers – everyone reflected a genuine passion for executing their responsibilities to the best of their ability!

My wife and I are “basic” horse riders – we were thoughtfully given horses that matched our skillset. Each wrangler we encountered would never negatively comment on our rudimentary horsemanship, choosing instead to tactfully offer advice and encouragement. There was no judging at The Hideout at all!

We rode every day. All day, if we wanted to. A different ride at every outing. Certainly herding cows in the Bighorn National Park was a highlight of the week for me; however, EVERY ride was in GORGEOUS country! The scenery we encountered on horseback was AWESOME! Say again, AWESOME!!! As advertised, this was no “nose-to-tail” riding, even though our own experiences before coming here might have dictated that! “Zeus”, “Kicker”, “Biscuit”, and “Lorena” were perfectly matched for us – GREAT HORSES!!! It’s easy to see all horses at The Hideout are loved and taken care of!

The food was incredible! Rachel took GREAT care of us, even going out of her way to accommodate my pescatarian ways! Sack lunches on the trail were also outstanding!!! Happy hour in the lodge viewing pictures the wranglers took of the day’s ride was an extra thoughtful touch! Sending a link to us for those pictures after the week is also a very thoughtful touch!

This trip was exactly what we were looking for – simply OUTSTANDING!!! We should have stayed two weeks!!! It’s easy to see why The Hideout gets so much repeat business! It’s a remarkable place and well worth the price!!!

THANK YOU, Peter and Marijn, for your FABULOUS hospitality!!! We will be talking about this vacation for a lifetime!!!

Best Vacation Ever!

I can’t say enough good things about this place. Peter and Marin have developed an amazing guest ranch experience that caters to all levels of horsemanship. We were paired with horses that met our ability and always exceeded our expectations. They were a truly remarkable herd.

The food was amazing – both outside and inside dining available. The lodge had everything you could want or need … and the staff made sure our every need was met with a smile.

The cabins were well appointed, comfortable, quiet and all possessed breathtaking views of the valley and the surrounding Big Horn National Forest.

And the Wranglers …. they were the true gem of our stay! I don’t know how they did it but every ride got better and better, culminating in an all day ride in the Big Horns that was truly remarkable. Moose, Elk, Deer … rivers, woods … what a wonderful day.

We will be back! We all agreed that this experience is something we must share with our family!

Well done Peter and Marin. You have a create a remarkable experience. We had a blast!

Can’t wait to go back!!

Top notch horseback riding on the most lovely and well trained Quarter Horses and Mustangs in beautiful terrain.
Delicious food, fun cocktail hour nightly
Very kind and hospitable owners and staff, truly loved everyone we met
Care of the horses is a top priority
Loved every minute of our stay, will definitely return!

Highly recommend! Incredible experience!

This was my second visit to this high quality, upscale dude ranch! I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience. The horses are extremely well cared for and impeccably trained. The wranglers are so fun and have the expertise to help you at anytime if needed. Rachel, the chef prepares delicious meals 3 times a day that are beautifully prepared and nutritious. From office staff to the kitchen staff to the incredible wranglers and amazing owners you can go wrong at this ranch. Many return quests which speaks for itself. My cabin was lovely as well with a beautiful view of the mountains. I cannot wait to return again! 

What an experience!

While we ride regularly at home in Texas, it was wonderful to visit a ranch to see the beauty of Wyoming but also to have new experiences. We loved that this is no nose to tail type place and that riding could be our primary focus for the whole week! As a real working ranch with knowledgeable horse people, we were able to challenge ourselves to the next level. The staff was first class, lodges very warm, inviting and comfortable, meals by chef Rachel and her team were delicious!

Fantastic in every respect

My family and I had a transformative experience at the Hideout. We are new horsemen and the owners, staff, and wranglers provided an individualized experience for each of us to enjoy and grow. They not only understand horses, but more importantly they are experts in understanding people. The customer service, food and accommodations were first rate. We all quickly felt that we were a part of the ranch that week. We arrived to the beautiful setting around 3:00 pm on Sunday and were greeted by Melanie who knew who we were upon arrival. Dinner that evening was started as a nice meet and greet with Peter and Marijn and the other guests (17). Many were repeat guests who easily welcomed us into their circle. Peter and Marijn took the time to cater to each guest and to optimize their experience. We rode each day in the Bighorn Mountain and did an all day cattle drive. The scenery was spectacular. The wranglers were great at measuring the tone and temperament of the group and adjusted the rides accordingly. Two of our all day rides were really just us and one other family. Very cool. Many on the team are former guests and that experience shows in how they are able to gauge individuals needs and desires. Ramon, the horse trainer, took extra time to coach me in handling and understanding horses. My own and my family’s riding skills, horsemanship and confidence grew incredibly over the week. We left emboldened, reinvigorated, closer as a family and signed up for next year.

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