Guest Ranch Photography

Photo shoots and photography workshops at The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch


Over the last seven years The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch has become a popular destination for photographers, photo workshops, and photo shoots.

One of the reasons is the rare diversity of scenery in this area which allows photographers (and you as riders) to enjoy different scenery and backdrops almost every day without the need to drive long distances.

The other reason is that we are in the hospitality industry, and we are experienced in the logistics of executing a smooth running operation. We have the equipment, the horses, the staff, the accommodations, the kitchen, etc. We know how to organize, follow a script, think outside of the box and never take things for granted. Even when it is something we have done as an organization 10 times, we need to rehearse, plan ahead and have back-up plans.


We try to “think” with our photographers and partners to add value, to improve scripts, scout for different locations and personalities for the photos. We help market the pictures through selling them in our gift shop or to our guests who are always interested in nice pictures taken at “their guest ranch” than a stock photo taken at a place they do not know.

However the most important factor is partnership. One of our longest standing photography partners is the leading North American Photo Tour operator, Joseph Van Os.

The Van Os Photo workshops at The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch are led and organized by top world photographers and tour leader Darrel Gulin.

We have also hosted other renowned photographers from around the world such as Daisy Gillardin, Jeff Vanuga, Terry Eggers, and Carien Schippers.


Equine Photography at The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch

While some workshops concentrate on Western Photography, others concentrate on Equine Photography. These workshops differentiate from each other in many ways. Most of the participants in the equine photography workshops are female and usually personally involved in the equine industry and/or horseback riding in addition to photography. The photo clinic leaders are also riders and horse professionals in addition to being professional photographers.

Participating in the photo clinics at The Hideout are amateur and professional photographers from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and countries. Our ability to speak 4 languages and cater to different cultures is a plus.

On average the photographers take between 7,500 and 10,000 pictures during the workshops. At the end of the workshop, the leaders put together a slide show with a selection of their photos. These are the pictures that you can admire in the photo books. As you will see, the “theme” of the photo shoots are always the same, but there are a variety of different types of pictures in each shoot.

We would like to thank our partners for the great partnership and hope you enjoy these pictures.

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