A Glass of Wine and a Branding IronAlright, so we are not going to give you wine before you handle a branding iron. However, it has just been announced that we have two very special events happening on the same week!

Guests will get to participate in one of the oldest traditions on the ranch. History reveals that Branding originally started with the Egyptians, a method developed for livestock to indicate ownership. Hollywood made Branding a symbol of the west, after Cowboys began branding cattle to inhibit rustlers. We do not have a huge problem in Wyoming with rustlers, but brands help identify which cattle belong to which ranch, especially when shipping, buying or selling.

Guests will learn some stockmanship techniques at the beginning of the week, and will then put this into practice with the morning roundup, followed by a large cookout lunch. Then the branding and vaccinating will begin in the afternoon.

During our Guest Branding week from April 11-17th we will be hosting a very special 6 course wine dinner. We will have a winemaker from Central California during this week, who will help our gourmet chefs prepare the best pairings for the wine. Each wine and each course will be described by the winemaker.

There are only a couple of spots left during this week, and it is not too late to book in. Call us today at 1-800-354-8637 or email info@thehideout.com