This Sunday, April 5, would have been the day we greet guests for the first week of our 2020 season. Of course, that is not happening, which leaves all of us at The Hideout very sad.

We have had to cancel the first few weeks of our season and reschedule our guests to later dates. The way it looks now, we don’t anticipate guests visiting the ranch soon, and are taking it week by week as this COVID-19 pandemic unfolds. We are carefully watching travel bans as well as our federal, state and local regulations……and of course are using our common sense!

Though we have a tremendous amount of lost revenue, this communication is not about complaining. We are fortunate to live and work in a very beautiful and remote location. There is plenty of work outside and inside for all of us to stay busy. We keep our distance and follow all the rules. But the thing we regret the most is not being able to share all this beauty and our horses with our guests and riding buddies.

Greetings from Shell, Wyoming

Looking for Social Distancing

The Hideout Herd

We had a relatively mild winter and The Hideout horses have wintered well and are eager to go to work. During this time without guests, we are riding our horses, working with young horses and also working with the new horses we acquired this winter. In anticipation of our busiest season ever, we added approximately 30 new horses to the string.Last week, we gathered the herd at Trapper and trotted them into the arena for their spring check-up and deworming. I am sure many of you have seen the videos Rebecca posted of moving the horses at The Trapper Ranch where the main herd winters. The remainder of the herd winters in pastures surrounding The Hideout.

Greetings from Shell Wyoming

Social Distancing on Horseback

You can watch those videos on our Facebook page(

We are posting pictures and videos during this difficult time to give you something beautiful and fun to watch as we realize most everyone has very serious restrictions on your daily lives. We hope you enjoy our posts in the spirit for which they are intended.

Trapper Creek Ranch / AH Horsemanship

Talking about our Trapper Creek Ranch, just 3 miles down the road from The Hideout, this is also the location of our Horsemanship Clinic & Training Center, where we raise most of our hay and where many of you have ridden into the secluded Trapper Creek Canyon.

Spring is in the air!

After overhauling The Hideout’s website last year, we have been working on a new website for The Trapper Creek Ranch. As of today you can visit the new site at /

The Art of The Cowgirl Event

The site was also updated with new video’s and pictures taken during The Art of The Cowgirl Event that took place late January in Phoenix. Oddly enough, the name of the location is The Corona Ranch and you will see some videos taken in the Corona Arena.There is a summarized video of Marijn’s Liberty Demonstration working with her three horses.

We MISS all of YOU!

Who we really miss is all of you! We work the entire off-season to get ready to welcome you and offer you a super vacation on horseback. A guest ranch without guests is just not the same!

As the weeks pass, Rebecca will keep you updated on what is happening, when we might open, and any other news that you need to know about The Hideout. If you currently have a reservation with us, you will be the first to know of any decision we make about the week you are scheduled to visit. However, no matter when you are confirmed, we will not be running any final balances for your stay without first contacting you. As always, we will try to accommodate your needs and work with you. We are all in this together and nobody enjoys this situation.

We hope to see you soon and please stay healthy and think of positive things!

A big hug from all of us at The Hideout!

Marijn, Peter, Rebecca, Tom, Rachel, Mel, Marco, Ever, Guille, Melanie, Ramon and the rest of the crew!