Blogger Peter gives some more information about Kicker, The Hideout’s Extreme Supreme Mustang Makeover Gelding. Ramon and Kicker compete in Ft Worth, Texas in September.

Kicker got his name because he was very wild when picking him up in Canon City Colorado. You can see the footprints of his shoes in the trailer. He also tried to bite Ramon and Peter when they stuck their fingers in the trailer.

On arriving at The Hideout he kicked and bent the tubes of the round pen. As Ramon put the water tank in the pen in no second this was kicked and stepped to pieces. Also Ramon’s jacket got ripped apart.

Kicker is pretty tall for a mustang and 5 years old. He was only gelded in January 2011 after the BLM rounded him up early this year in the Twin Peaks Herd Area (CA-242).

Location where he comes from:

The Twin Peaks Herd Management Area is located approximately 25 miles northeast of Susanville, CA. Highway 395 border the HMA to the west. The Herd Management Area is located in both Lassen County, CA and Washoe County, NV.

Acreage of this Area: 798,000 acres managed for wild horses and burros.

Elevation: 4,000 feet to 7,500 feet

Topography/vegetation: The terrain in this HMA consists of large, flat valley bottoms bisected by steep mountains. Dominant vegetation includes sagebrush, bitterbrush, blue bunch, needle grass and squirrel tail.

Wildlife: Wildlife occurring in this area includes mule deer, chucker, quail, pronghorn antelope and sage grouse.

Herd Size:                   448 to 760 head of horses

47 to 79 head of burros

Horse Color:                Brown and Bay

Burros Color:              Gray and Brown

Size of Horses:            14-16 hands and 900-1100 pounds

Size of Burros:            11-12 hands and 400-600 pounds

History and origin of the horses:

Some of the horses in this area descended from Spanish stock. Descendents of US Army Cavalry remounts prior to and during World War I and historic ranching stock consisting of both draft and light breeds make up most of the herd today.