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Welcome to The Hideout

The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch is an all inclusive working cattle, riding, fly-fishing and adventure guest ranch in Shell, WY (east of Cody and Yellowstone National Park). Families, adults and single travelers from around the world return to The Hideout each year for a world-class riding,
working cattle and adventure guest ranch experience on our 300,000 acre ranch. In addition to riding, working cattle and fly-fishing, we offer an array of non-riding activities and adventures such as trapshooting, canoeing, hiking, biking, 4x4 tours, etc.

Limited to approximately 25 guests per week, we are committed to the highest standards of culinary experience, lodging, staff (we speak 4 languages,) horses and personal, almost customized attention.

Advanced Rider Packages

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Advanced Riding Program – All about Riding!

advanced-rider1The Hideout is a riding guest ranch. Most of the guests who visit us come for the riding. We do offer other activities such as an excellent fly-fishing program with over 10 miles of streams to fish, trapshooting, etc. but most people come for an equestrian vacation and to spend time in the saddle.

This program is designed for the more experienced riders who are looking for the next level of horses and more challenging riding. This type of riding consists of cattle work and trail riding at a faster pace. Participants do have to be tested at the beginning of their stay showing that they are able to control their horse in all gates and over various terrains. These programs are guided by some of our more experienced cowboys and wranglers. No matter the level of riding we do at The Hideout, we adopt a Natural Horsemanship Culture respecting our horses under all circumstances.

We adapt the speed and riding to the challenging terrain in this area. Experienced equestrians will notice immediately where one can go fast or not. They know that even the best horse will run out of breath faster at high elevations.

No Nose-To-Tail Ranch but a Riding Guest Ranch

advanced-rider2One of the reasons for adding this program is that many experienced riders are disappointed in the riding programs at some guest ranches. Many guest ranches do not allow riders to trot and lope and adopt a “nose to tail” concept of riding no matter what level their riders may be.

Even if you sign up for the Advanced Riding Program, you can still participate in our Classic and well proven Hideout riding program should you want to take it a bit slower or if your travelling partners are participating in the Classic Program. No matter the decision, it is your choice and it is all included at The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch Guest Ranch Package.

Whatever we do, we don’t take risks and will not cut corners keeping horse & rider safe.