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Welcome to The Hideout

The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch is an all-inclusive upscale working cattle, riding, fly-fishing and adventure guest ranch in Shell, WY (east of Cody and Yellowstone National Park). In addition to riding, working cattle and fly-fishing, we offer an array of non-riding activities and adventures such as trapshooting, archery, canoeing, hiking, biking, 4x4 tours, etc.

Limited to approximately 25 guests per week from all over the world and with access to 85 horses, a 1:1 staff / guest ratio and the owners and management actively involved with the well-being of our guests, we are committed to the highest standards of culinary experience, lodging, staff (we speak 4 languages), horses and personal, almost customized attention. We are very multi-cultural and diverse.

Every year The Hideout books long before the start of the season, mostly because of word of mouth and returning guests. As we do not plan to increase the number of guests per week please book your vacation long ahead of the season.

Novice Riders and Lessons

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Novice Riders & Lessons


A guest ranch is usually not the place where you go to learn how to ride. However more and more guests come to The Hideout for exactly that reason. Many guests want to come and learn how to ride because their partner, family members or friends are intermediate or advanced riders. A growing number of guests sees this vacation as a great place to learn about horses, reconnect with horses and learn how to ride and handle horses. Some guests wish to improve their riding skills so they can continue riding with confidence once they are back home.

These and other novice riders are looking for a place where they can enjoy themselves while learning how to ride in a fun and safe environment.

Advanced, Intermediate and Novice Riders

Almost weekly we see friends, families or couples amongst who are as well novices, intermediate and advanced riders. We make sure they all have a great riding vacation.

We have a string of horses that are bombproof and are the ideal beginners’ horse on which to learn how to ride. At The Hideout, we will encourage guests to try other horses and not ride the same horse for their entire stay, given the availability of multiple horses that suit your riding skills.



We always have wranglers on staff who can give riding lessons in very small groups and if possible, individually. They will work with you in the arena and will start by explaining how a horse thinks, reacts and perceives things.

We make a difference between “understanding the horse” and “the technical ability to ride a horse”.

Understanding the basics of horsemanship will make you feel more comfortable being on and around the horse. This will enhance the learning environment and riding experience. It also makes it much more fun.