2024 May Specials

May 26 – June 1

Come enjoy The Hideout during High Season but at nearly Early Season rates! We are offering a 20% discount off our High Season rates this week only!
Enjoy blooming wildflowers and the Shell Valley being green! The green will turn brown very quickly in June in our semi-arid climate!                                                                                                Meet all the new wranglers for the season as they will have all joined by this week!
Enjoy our beautiful and varied Valley rides including Sedona, Painted Hills, Trapper Creek, White Creek, The W, 5 Fingers, and more!                                                                                                            We are offering private rooms at no additional charge (no single supplement, $575 value, with only 5 private rooms available)                                                                                                                        Enjoy riding our fabulous horses before our temperatures soar, and possibly see our new foals – depending on birthdates!

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